Election 2015


I am very excited to be running for re-election to the Madison Borough Council together with Councilman Ben Wolkowitz and Mayor Bob Conley. Two years ago, Ben and I were elected together to serve on the Council.  Our platform called for the restoration of fiscally responsible, open government – a government emphasizing accountability, consensus and bi-partisan cooperation.  I believe that we have delivered on our promises.

Four years ago when I announced my candidacy for Mayor of Madison, I spoke about the need for change in borough government, especially as it related to positive leadership, fiscal management and responsibility, respecting the great resource of our volunteers and employees, strengthening of partnerships within Madison and with other municipalities, and reinvesting in our community.

Three years ago when I decided to run for Borough Council with Astri Baillie, we made a number of promises to the voters of Madison. We promised that we would be fiscally conservative, inclusive in government, respect our volunteers and take a bipartisan approach to governing.  We have kept those promises.

Mila Jasey and John McKeon Relected to Assembly

Serving the people of the 27th District has been our distinct honor and privilege. With your support, we will continue to work with Governor Codey to further reduce our residents’ property tax burden, safeguard our state’s land, water and air, and make New Jersey an affordable place to live for middle-class families. We look forward to the opportunity to continue working with our colleagues in the Assembly on both sides of the aisle who are willing to put the residents of our state first.

Welcome to to the Website of the Madison Deomcratic Committee

A borough of Morris County, New Jersey, Madison is known as the Rose City as it once had extensive greenhouses serving the cut flower trade. Today, the Rose City is still blooming and home to over 16,000 people, two universities – Drew and Fairleigh Dickinson – and a thriving central business district. The borough government consists of a directly elected mayor, who serves a four-year term, and a borough council, whose members are elected to serve three-year terms of office, with two seats elected each year. Madison is a diverse community with a significant Democratic presence in local government. The Mayor, Bob Conley, and four of the six members of the Borough Council, Carmela Vitale, Astri Baillie, Bob Landrigan, and Ben Wolkowitz are Democrats. The Madison Democratic Committee consists of as many as 28 members: one man and one woman for each of the 14 voting districts in the borough. (Click here for a map of the Madison voting districts.) The Committee members are elected every 2 years during the primary elections, and vacancies can be filled by a vote of the existing members of the Committee. Committee is responsible for selecting candidates who will run on the Regular Democratic Party line in primary elections.