2013 Candidates

Candidates for Borough Council

I have lived in Madison for almost twenty years – longer than I’ve lived in any other place.  I’ve raised a family, volunteered on exceptional committees, and met people who have challenged me, and made my life richer for the experience. 

Over the years, I have observed a continuing tradition of cooperative government in town.  Council members, recognizing that the needs of Madison transcend party affiliation have worked together to create a community that supports all of its constituencies, regardless of where they live or work.  When council members worked together to create a sustaining community, Madison has prospered.

I can distinctly remember more than 15 years ago looking down from our window in Lower Manhattan to the moving truck leaving our street, and my wife and I turning to each other and both remarking- do you believe we’re moving to Madison today.  Blessed with great neighbors, friends, school system and overall quality of life, we have not, for one day, ever taken for granted how fortunate we were to have found a home in Madison and had the opportunity to raise our family here. 

Welcome to to the Website of the Madison Deomcratic Committee

A borough of Morris County, New Jersey, Madison is known as the Rose City as it once had extensive greenhouses serving the cut flower trade. Today, the Rose City is still blooming and home to over 16,000 people, two universities – Drew and Fairleigh Dickinson – and a thriving central business district. The borough government consists of a directly elected mayor, who serves a four-year term, and a borough council, whose members are elected to serve three-year terms of office, with two seats elected each year. Madison is a diverse community with a significant Democratic presence in local government. With the election of November 2011, The Mayor, Bob Conley, and three of the six members of the Borough Council, Carmela Vitale, Astri Baillie, and Ben Wolkowitz are Democrats. The Madison Democratic Committee consists of as many as 28 members: one man and one woman for each of the 14 voting districts in the borough. (Click here for a map of the Madison voting districts.) The Committee members are elected every 2 years during the primary elections, and vacancies can be filled by a vote of the existing members of the Committee. Committee is responsible for selecting candidates who will run on the Regular Democratic Party line in primary elections.